Drive carefree

A simple and seamless charging experience for electric car owners with subscription-free access to charging networks across Europe.

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PlugnUse for Customers


Pay only when you charge, no annual subscriptions


Only bring your mobile phone, simply the easiest way to start charging

One charging network

A single, consolidated network of charging stations throughout Europe

PlugnUse for Operators

More customers, broader network

Instant access to new customers and an extended network for your customers

Payment assured

Secured and assured payment for each charge from roaming users of your charging stations

Robust technical solution

A secure and scalable technical infrastructure and interface

PlugnUse for Fleet Management
and Car Rental Companies

Packaged solution

Network access and a secure payment solution neatly packaged for fleet/customer management

One invoice

A complete, paperless billing solution

Real-time tracking

Keep track of the service usage through our dedicated interface

About Us

PlugnUse is an independent company founded with the sole objective of developing a seamless experience in the interoperability of electric vehicle charging stations. The PlugnUse solution will enable and extend the mobility of electric and rechargeable hybrid cars, allowing owners of these vehicles to travel further, carefree.

PlugnUse is a solution for charging network operators, car manufacturers, rental car companies, leasing companies and electric car owners directly. It is a single, simple solution that brings together all charging stations and payment for the services without geographical restrictions.

PlugnUse’s ambition is to become the leading player in the development of electric vehicle mobility.

Our innovative service is based on the belief that the world is evolving with regards to electric vehicle usage. We want to be central to that change by taking electric vehicle changing to the next phase.

Eric Herr

Eric Herr

CEO and Founder

Luc Campanella

Luc Campanella

Chief Financial Officer

Maurice Dieu de Bellefontaine

Maurice Dieu de Bellefontaine

Chief Technical Officer

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